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The Millionaire Within

 Finding your millionaire within is not just about money and accumulating wealth. It's also about finding a balance in your life that will allow doors to open and relationships to flourish. The Millionaire Within is already a part of you. It's been dormant. Wake it up! It might take twenty seconds or twenty years. Depending on your ability to recognize this power. If you can separate your money from fear, worry, and emotion, you will be one step closer to unleashing The Millionaire Within.

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Meet the Authors

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Meet Walter Wisniewski, CFP®

"Financial decision making has very little to do with money. It has more to do with emotions and behavior."

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Meet Allison Vanaski, CFP®

"Financial planning doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. One or two small changes can lead us down the path to building wealth and creating a prosperous future."

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What are Readers Saying?



"It is rare to find a book that provides solid advice to novice investors that gives some insights to old Wall Street pros as well. I’ve worked in money management for over 40 years, and have always believed that behavioral aspects of portfolio management needed more exposure. While that important component of portfolio construction has gotten more attention in the past decade, “The Millionaire Within” does a very good job of explaining it in simple terms. While some aspects could have had more in depth discussions, the concepts covered come across clearly. As for new insights, reading the book in its entirety provides some often overlooked discussion of a woman’s perspective, not that common in a male dominated industry. Nice job overall."

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Industry Thought Leader Review

“The concepts in this book could literally change your life and the way you look at money. Walter and Allie have zeroed in on the main reason most investors fail or don’t reach all of their goals…they mistakenly overlook the ever so crucial aspect of the role that emotions play in our relationship with money and investing. This book should be a must-read for all investors AND financial planners”.

Ginny Hudgens, President
The Strategic Implementer, LLC

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The Millionaire Within

Every journey must begin with a few tentative steps. Some are baby steps and some are taken in leaps and bounds. Our journey as father and daughter is a unique one because it began with both. In our financial planning practice over the years, we discovered through our interactions with clients our meetings were not about stock market returns, but more about the behavioral aspects of finance. 

This may be an investment book, but it is not about the mechanics of investing. It's more about enriching your future by embracing your capacity to change your perspectives about money. Intelligent financial decision-making is not about money. It's about emotions, behavior, and unleashing the power that lies within you.

Here are the title chapters:

  1. Knowing Yourself and Your Behaviors
  2. Don't Pick the "Right Stock. Pick the "Right (or left) Brain
  3. How You Think Can Cause Your Wallet to Shrink
  4. Parents Don't Always Know Best
  5. The Magic of Music and the Science of Synchronicity
  6. Your Best Investment: Yourself!
  7. Enliven Your Optimism, Increase Your Luck
  8. Adjust Your Attitude, Build Your Cathedral
  9. Ignoring the Noise
  10. The "Aha!" Moment
  11. Advisors Come in Different Shapes and Sizes
  12. The Space Between the Notes
  13. Ways to Increase Your Dollars and Sense
  14. What She Tackles She Conquers: Women on the Move
  15. Unleashing the Millionaire Within

For an uplifting and informative approach to redefining your relationship with money, purchase The Millionaire Within on Amazon.com

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